We Need Your Help

Your Actions…

Adopt a 30-day trial of green habits that help protect your drinking water. Choose some habits from this list. Youll find that in addition to protecting your drinking water, they also save you time and money!

Inside your home

  1. Avoid using the garbage disposal. It adds damaging grease and solids to your plumbing and septic system. Instead, make or buy a compost bin to dispose of food scraps and let nature recycle it into soil for you.
  2. Avoid using chemical-based cleaning products. They can kill essential bacteria in your septic system and are difficult to remove in many wastewater treatment plants. Instead, consider using chemical-free housecleaning products.
  3. Buy laundry and dishwashing detergents that are phosphorous-free. Phosphorous is a nutrient that can cause excessive algae blooms that suck oxygen out of the water and cause toxins to be released into streams and lakes, putting fish and other aquatic life at risk.
  4. Reduce the amount of water you use. No need to keep the spigot running the whole time you’re washing your fruits and veggies, or brushing your teeth.

Outside your home

  1. Avoid using fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides on your lawn. Instead, leave grass clippings on your lawn to allow nutrients to naturally cycle into the soil.
  2. Collect rainwater using rain barrels under your downspouts, and plant rain gardens to help filter rainwater runoff from your downspouts or driveway. Click here for rain barrel plans & rain garden links (Coming Soon!) Plant native trees, shrubs and wildflowers. The roots of native plants help remove nutrient pollution from water, and bind soil together to keep it from eroding and washing off the land when it rains.